Rapamycin Dosing Regime

There is no data that dictates whether or not rapamycin should be taken at the same time of day. Additionally, rapamycin can be taken with or without food, so either work.

Our dosing protocol is to be taken 1x a week (every 7 days). We want to pulse the dosing so that you get the benefits of mTOR inhibition without inhibiting mTORC2.

As a means to combat cellular senescence, rapamycin should be taken once every seven (7) days. This will maximize its benefits.


Thoughts on cycling? eg, 8 weeks on, 5 weeks off… That’s what was suggested by Matt Kaeberlein, I believe.

Jake, Any recommendations on amount to take every week. I have seen some take 2mg others up to 7 or 8mg per week.

Hello, its really dependent on each persons health and what they think they handle with some people that can handle more rapamycin than others. We usually start on the low end, ~3mg/week with patients in order to determine how they respond to the treatment and go from there.

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I started with 3 mg a week, I have submitted my bloodwork results and am waiting to hear if Healthspan reccommends uping the dose.