Fasting and rapamycin

Does anyone here use fasting along with rapamycin? I do a 24 hour fast (breakfast to breakfast) on day 2 of my 7 day cycle with rapamycin.

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I do a three-day (72-hour) water fast once per month, usually Thursday evening through Sunday evening. I usually take a rapamycin pulse dose on Sunday mornings. On weekends when I fast, I skip the rapamycin, with the assumption that I already have MTORC1 inhibition from the fasting.

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Thanks. That sounds good. Iā€™m still thinking about what I want to do with fasting.

I wonder what the fasting timeframe is for elevating autophagy. I recall reading it only started after 3-5 days. MTor inhibition would start immediately I assume. Im thinking about using resistance exercise to up regulate mTor in muscles during a fast to minimize muscle loss.