Rapamycin and Fisetin

Rapamycin and Fisetin treatment at the same time? Fisetin treatment is only 2 days every 30. Does anyone take both in the same week?

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Hi Joe,

I personally don’t take Fisetin anymore. However, about 10% of our patients do. There is limited scientific research on the simultaneous use of taking fisetin and rapamycin at the same time, they do have different mechanisms. We are particularly concerned when medications have an overlap of mTOR inhibition. I know a number of rapamycin-prescribing physicians who put patients on fisetin and rapamycin simultaneously with an overlap once a week.

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Thanks for the info. I’m interested in Fisetin because I’ve read that rapamycin is not a senolytic. I’m wondering if fisetin used in a “hit and run” dosing scheme would add value.

I take Rapamycin once a week and Fisetin only sporadically. I would take it more often - but have not seen any convincing studies of its effect.
From what I have read, Fisetin, has only a weak affect - if any. So, I have not been concerned about the side effects. What dose are you taking to be concerned about? What studies have you read to lead you to be concerned?

Not concerned really. I’ve started taking 2 grams per day for 2 consecutive days per month. I’ve read it is as effective as any senolytics, which may not be much. Apparently fisetin does not extend lifespan in mice but I’m only interested in synergistic benefits with rapa.

The research on fisetin as a human senolytic agent and mTOR inhibitor is promising but remains in early stages. As a senolytic, fisetin is thought to modulate signaling pathways linked to cellular senescence and apoptosis, including the PI3K/AKT pathway and the expression of pro-survival networks (e.g., BCL-2 family proteins). Fisetin’s inhibition of mTOR seems to be on upstream regulators like AMPK and downstream effects on autophagy. This effect on mTOR could contribute to its reported anti-aging effects. Most studies are based on mice or cell lines. Personally, I’m optimistic and take 1.5G in a single dose every week or two. Even though I believe I can sense benefits, there is no way at this point to be certain. The downsides of occasional fisetin supplementation would appear to be minimal.