Rapamycin and Cycling

So theres two modes of thought when it comes to rapamycin and cycling. On one end you have proponents saying that three months on and one month off is the way to go when it comes to cycling. On the other end we have proponents saying to continuously take rapamycin without cycling on and off. To date theres no clear cut answer with moderate evidence equated to both parties. In essence it’s up to you to see what works best for you and to decide wether or not to cycle your treatment.

Everything I’ve seen indicates that for longevity, once a week cycling is the way to go. Most longevity biohackers take around 5 mg once a week.

Check out the slide at 3:00 in this video: Baylor University October 26, 2021 - YouTube

This approach effectively inhibits mTORC1 without inhibiting mTORC2.