Rapamycin Dosing - Weekly for 12 weeks or forever?

I was under the impression that the longevity regime for Rapamycin was based on weight and was to be taken for 12 weeks. Is this still the case? If so, how often should the 12 week dosing regime take place? Once a year? Or half year?

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Hi- This is Shriya from the Healthspan Clinical Team! We recommend that our patients take rapamycin once a week and continue this consistent protocol paired with a healthy diet and exercise. From a mechanism perspective, Rapamycin at a low-dose leads to temporary inhibition of the mTOR signaling pathway. By inhibiting mTOR, Rapamycin combats cell senescence, a key contributor to aging, leading to increased longevity and healthier cellular function. Rapamycin has a short half life, meaning that its effect in the body is short-lived. Therefore, a consistent doing of once per week will allow for consistent combatting of cellular senescence.