Rapamycin and Fasting

Hey, there’s been no extensive studies on this. As such I would recommend doing the fast and treating it as a dose of rapamycin. Then a week from your last fasting day, take your first dose of rapamycin. The fast and the rapamycin are both inhibiting mTOR, so both confer a therapeutic benefit.

One of our scientific/medical advisors, Dr. Blagosklonny, wrote an article on this.

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The references article says …” I suggest that intermittent rapamycin administration be combined with simultaneous intermittent fasting or VLCD, as well as physical exercise.”. Simultaneous vs sequential.

I take 4mg twice a week. Taking advantage of the mTor lowering effect of Rapamycin to balanced levels, (from a hyperactive state), since I’m 53yo.

I work out on the days that I take it, and fast on the other days.

At my age, If Rapa is bringing my mTor to youthful levels (and not zero…), I believe that would be the best time to train and avoid Sarcopenia.

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