Rapamycin: a single dose vs continuous dosing

If this finding is true and, assuming further, it has relevance to humans and not just rodents, what argument can be made to take rapamycin, even once a week, for months or years?

“While a single dose of rapamycin is safe, it is sufficient to extend life and decrease obesity in several rodent models.”

[Source]. Rapamycin for longevity: opinion article
(Rapamycin for longevity: opinion article - PMC)

Time’s arrow: Brief exposure to rapamycin has the same anti-ageing effects as lifelong treatment

Please keep in mind, these tests involved fruit flies and mice . . . does that translate to humans? I don’t know -

“We have found a way to circumvent the need for chronic, long-term rapamycin intake, so it could be more practical to apply in humans”, says Dr. Yu-Xuan Lu, also co-author of the paper. Prof. Linda Partridge, the senior author of the study, comments: “It will be important to discover whether it is possible to achieve the geroprotective effects of rapamycin in mice and in humans with treatment starting later in life, since ideally the period of treatment should be minimized. It may be possible also to use intermittent dosing. This study has opened new doors, but also raised many new questions”.