I am currently trying to gain muscle mass. Will taking Rapamycin blunt it?

So ultimately the inhibition of mTOR for its therapeutic benefits is less than 48 hours. To the extent that you are dampening protein synthesis, it is for a transient period of time. What we tell patients is if you are concerned about muscle gains derived from resistance training, just take the rapamycin on a non-lifting day. The other aspect is how much are you dampening? When we do a transcriptional analysis of rapamycin patients they exhibited optimal longevity and skeletal muscle transcription expression. There’s also a well reviewed analysis of how rapamycin protects against age-related muscle loss Rapamycin protects aging muscle - PMC

What is so interesting about the way that Rapamycin inhibits mTOR is that it actually prevents sarcopenia. And guys in other forums consistently said that they actually gain more strength.


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Yes, Dr. Blagosklonny has been very adamant that muscle growth and rapamycin and intermittent mTOR inhibition are not at odds with each other.


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