What I did before starting wrap myosin

After two heart valve surgeries 2 twelve wk Antibiotic therapies for endocarditisand antibiotic interventions, pancreatitis, gallstones, and three cases of bacterial endocarditis, one that went under detected for over a year at 69 not doing too bad
Six months of a 420 eating window, focusing on fresh organic vegetables, such as kale, turmeric beats, avocado, walnuts, blueberries, flaxseed, all manner of vegetables, including bell pepper, and other brightly colored fruits and vegetables. I find if I eat these following vegetables every day. I find that I have very little desire to eat much
When my weight drops below 135 all bets are off. I still find that eating sugar in any amount over 6 g at a time me feel like crap. Not hospital crap just generally irritable and not at peace. So I try to focus on high Carb like the red yams and other tubers lots of beans and wild caught salmon. I have a bag of nuts and whenever I’m hungry in my four hour window I allow myself as many as I want. I also try to keep a continuous salad so anytime I want to or feel the need. I can go fill up my bowl.
No doubt strategic nutrition does require some preparation and forethought. I can tell you from my experience. It has been worth every job. Good luck on your rapamycin adventure.