Starting rapamycin

 Recently started wrap myosin. I am a 69 year old male having undergone to valve replacement surgeries amongst a dozen other deadly diseases, endocarditis/pancreatitis and a valve abscess on my heart valve.
    Before starting Rapp myosin, I spent approximately six months on a 4 to 6 to 24 hour daily fast. After six months of rigorous exercise, I discovered the only difficulty was keeping weight on so in order to maintain a healthy weight I was forced to enlarge this eating window.
     I consistently do three sets of 50 push-ups daily. I also tried to get at least 2 miles walking. My diet consist of oatmeal flaxseed meal walnuts and blueberries at 12 as soon as I can I eat protein mostly legumes, nuts, seeds, etc. I have salmon, wild cot Twice a week. I have a list of foods that I try to eat every day. They include walnuts , Blueberries, kale, turmeric beats, bell peppers, Avocados, fennel seed powder and as many vegetables as I can.
  I find that if I eat all of these foods every day, it’s difficult to find room in a four or even six hour period to eat much more so I find myself having to stuff myself at the end of that six hour. Long story short before I took rapamycin I was on a, very organic natural vegetable plant based diet for six months and reached some truly amazing benefits. 
  Three things were definitely attributable to rapamycin
  1. improved memory
    2-Improved energy and endurance
    3-Overwhelming sense of well-being
    I am certain that it will be determined that rapamycin is not only a an extremely valuable mental health tool, but also an addiction suppressant to many drugs and alcohol.
    I believe rapamycin will prove to be the greatest discovery of the 21st century and will change the face of mankind and medicine.
    David Gjinn
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