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A post was split to a new topic: Rapamycin and cholesterol

A post was split to a new topic: Taking Humira (a TNF inhibitor) with Rapamycin

A quick question to anyone who might know the answer:

Should Rapamycin be taken with food or without food or either way (it does not matter)?

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Hi. There is no recommendation to take it with or without food. Some people take it with and some without. The only important thing is to take it once per week.

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Thanks, Jeff.

Best regards,

I take my Rapamycin with a meal so that I can take my Acarbose pill at the same time as Rapamycin increases my glucose levels but the Acarbose stops it

Grapefruit juice can significantly increase your levels.

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taking rapamycin one year 6mG a day no side effects detected. Please send 6 months 6 mG a day. please send at least 144 mG will be going back to the Philippines 8/24/2023 and do not want to run out.

Thanks for the invite.

Why are many of you taking this drug if it affects liver negatively ???

Why are many of you taking this drug if it affects liver negatively ???

Hi Lisa, thank you for question. I understand how important it is to feel informed and safe about the medications you consider. It’s important to clarify that liver toxicity is generally not a significant concern with the use of rapamycin, especially when taken in low doses, as is common in anti-aging protocols. In fact, the literature suggest that rapamycin may have a protective effect against liver fibrosis, which is a positive aspect.

(We can do a more comprehensive review on the mechanisms of how rapamycin may be conferring this benefit to liver health as part of our research review analysis.)

However, every individual’s health situation is unique, and it’s crucial to discuss personal medical history and specific concerns with a healthcare professional. Would you be interested in scheduling a consultation with a member of our clinical team? We can provide more detailed information and guidance tailored to your individual health needs.

Greetings to all:
Any help and advice regarding IMMUNESENESCENCE is gratefully appreciated!

Hi @Kritam we wrote an article on this subject that you may find interesting:

Let me know if you have any specific questions that I can address for you on the subject.

Thank you very much.
Low dose 5mg per week?
Also will it correct the CD4/CD8 back to normal? Thank you

Thank you, Daniel!
My CD4/CD8 ratio is less than 2 clinching the dx of immune senescence!
Please let me know if 5mg every week or two weeks is ideal??