Are there any vitamins contraindication for rapamycin? In other words, are there any vitamins I should not take or avoid going forward?

Two supplements can augment the concentrations and absorption of rapamycin. 1) Grapefruit can increase the levels of rapamycin or sirolimus in the blood. (Some biohackers will take rapamycin and grapefruit to get higher amounts of rapamycin in their bloodstream). 2) St. John’s wort can decrease the effectiveness of rapamycin or sirolimus


I have been told by my medical advisor that drinking grapefruit does put more Rapa into your blood, but he disagrees that it’s a good thing. I haven’t read anything that convinces me that spiking the treatment is a better strategy. However, I have read about several people taking it that way.

I hope to start my program next week. I believe slow and low is the way to start.

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This is great news! I love grapefruits! I will continue to eat my grapefruits especially when I take Rapamycin! Thank you so much for letting us know this important fact!

I have been taking rapa for almost 2 years, and I know if I take grapefruit juice with rapamycin i get mouth sores

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Hi there, I am about to begin my 3 mg weekly dose of Sirolimus on May 1st, after all my blood panels have been documented. Liked your comment, “slow and low” is the way to start…curious how you are doing so far? Don’t know why I am a bit apprehensive, but I get over it once I begin…thanks

Approximately 18 months ago, I commenced treatment with a dosage of 2 milligrams per week. Over time, I gradually escalated my dosage to 6 milligrams per week. This approach is considered appropriate to obtain the intended therapeutic effects while also assessing the medication’s tolerability and efficacy in one’s system.

I also take acarbose with meals and get blood testing through Healthspan every quarter to monitor my biomarkers.

I will take weeks off occasionally if I am feeling run down. Taking time off of rapamycin is perfectly fine.

Thanks Daniel…Jeff sent me a LabCorp blood test which I completed on Wednesday, and my primary care doctor sent me approval for a extensive blood panel which I took this morning, 4/13. I can share those result with you through your labs email address. Found it interesting that you begin with 2 mgs per week. I may consider that too…I look forward to the endeavor…kc

Thanks for the question. Like you, I have moved very slowly in my process. I just started my treatment this week. I picked Monday to be my once-a-week day to take the Sirolimus.

I purchased 2mg pills, and I took one pill in my low & slow strategy. Based on that minimal history, I have no negative or positive effects to report.

I am planning on ramping up to 4mg next week and then the following week I will move to my final planned full ongoing dose of 5mg. BTW it is more cost-effective to purchase 2mg over 1mg and I bought a pill cutter.

Good luck on your journey and let’s all hope we are at the forefront of a new and better way to live longer and healthier!!!

Thank you for your insights. I may begin dosing at 2mg p/w and see how it goes. Nice to hear you’ll experienced no side effects…wish you the best…kc