Blood work while on rapamycin

Is anyone having blood work drawn while on rapamycin and, if so, is it being ordered through Healthspan, is there a prescription for it, how much does it cost to have the labwork done, and what information should we be tracking?

Hey there! I have been reading that the standard blood, glucose, and lipid panels are helpful. Rapamycin can increase lipid levels so it’s good to check. I ordered a blood kit off Life Extension and will be taking to Quest Diagnostics. We’ll see how it goes! I believe Healthspan also has test panels but I haven’t gotten much info after it was suggested to me when I first started Rapamycin and had some gastro issues. Hope this helps!

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Hi Leslie, can you email your lab results to so our medical team can review your results?

Hi Greg, can you message Jeff in the patient portal, and we can send out a requisition to get your bloodwork done?

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Sure thing! I’m getting my blood drawn this Saturday.