Rapamycin mouse study & Alzheimer’s plaque

Hi, we found this study from June 2022 and wonder if the doctors have any thoughts about it.


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Ha!!! “Medical advice by news headline” will kill us!!!

So, “Alzheimer’s disease mouse model” mice get increased plaques when given R.
These mice, model 5XFAD, are genetically modified for AD research.
Also the doses were 2.4mg/kg, pretty huge comparatively even for human transplant patients.
Its very hard to interpret this with any actionable precision.

The actual study: https://www.jneurosci.org/content/42/27/5294

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Thanks for the link to the original study and mice and dosing details.

Thanks @Marinelli . FYI: At Healthspan, we generally recommend an upper limit dosage for rapamycin of 0.075 mg/kg. The mice were given 32 times that amount. While the study merits further research, I think it’s a bit premature to sound the alarm that rapamycin causes Alzheimer’s.

thank you for the add’l info - very much appreciated!