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“Dietary Restriction and Rapamycin Affect Brain Aging in Mice by Attenuating Age-Related DNA Methylation Changes”

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A summary for the members of the community:

  • The study examines the effects of dietary restriction (DR) and rapamycin treatment (RALL) on aging-related functions by analyzing DNA methylation and gene expression in the hippocampus of mice.

  • The results showed that both dietary resctriction and rapamycin can slow down the aging process.

  • Nearly 70% of the genes affected by dietary restriction and rapamycin were similar.

  • The study also found that dietary restriction and rapamycin improves the expression changes of certain genes with aging and those genes are enriched in brain-related biological processes.

  • The DNA methylation levels were globally compared, and the results showed that the methylation levels of dietary restriction and rapamycin mice maintained a value between the levels of young and old mice.

  • The study also found that dietary resctricted-ameliorated DNA methylation and gene expression are enriched in nervous system development, neuron migration, and synaptic deterioration. The findings suggest that dietary restriction may play a role in aging by simultaneously affecting DNA methylation and gene expression.

Sounds very complicated, but this all means that rapamycin and dietary restriction seem to be improving aging be changing both DNA methylation and the expression of certain genes that are tissue-specific and linked to the longevity of those tissues.

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Thank you Daniel for reviewing this study. In my understanding what you say is what I thought. I can only speak for myself when I tell you that I have been having better mental clarity. By this I mean I can retain what I thought and then recall it later. As I said, this is just my personal experience, but since I have been taking rapamycin and doing my 18/6 restricted eating, my health, and fiscal resistance are better and my mind and memory also.
Thank you again for your explanation and input on this important study!