Topical Rapamycin

I’m interested in hearing from others using topical rapamycin. I’m just getting started, and wondering about the following:
Have you noticed any skin changes? Do you cycle or use daily? Have you noticed any side effects? Thanks


Hi ; I absolutely love the topical Rapamycin! The skin preparation feels amazing , and my skin feels so much better. Fine facial lines are diminishing , and skin seems better on my hands . I work for a pet care company and used to get bruises on my hands from the leash wrapping around , but don’t get that anymore since using the topical Rapamycin. I apply it morning and evening to my face , and a little every other day to my hands . Works way better than topical retinol, and is the best skincare product I’ve ever used !

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Is there any issue using topical when you are also using the oral Rapamycin? I would be concerned about how much is absorbed through the skin. Anyone have data on that?

I’ve been using topical rapamycin for 6 weeks, I’ve had some painful sensitivity like sunburn even though I’m using a sunscreen. I’ve started cycling my use to every 2-3 days.

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I am on Oral and topical. Started Topical about 10 days ago, skin definitely feels tighter a little dry but some old blemishes have diminished. I have had quite a few very small pimples!

Thanks for all the feedback. I just started the oral and topical and I’m doing 2 days on and 2 off with the topical and very low dose oral once a week. I haven’t noticed any side effects from the topical yet and likely too soon to expect improvements.

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How long have you been using it if you don’t mind sharing? Thanks!

I am on oral and topical rapamycin, my wife on topical, both for about 4 months. We have noticed a little sun sensitivity. We have not noticed changes in skin wrinkling or blemishes (maybe it takes longer?). I am sticking with oral rapamycin but we have both just cancelled the topical.

Topical Trentinoin and Rapamycin
I have been using topical trentinoin for its anti-aging properties for many years. Usually I apply it nightly and in the AM I use Vitamin C/Ferulic Acid and then apply sunscreen.

What is the best way to incorporate rapamycin into my current skin care regimen?

Hi! Great question! I have been practicing in Advanced Aesthetics for 24 years. For myself and how I advise my clients would be the following

1.Cleanse/Tone ~ Massage ~ wake up the skin, increase circulation, drain lymph

2.Vitamin CE Ferulic morning only ~ this depends on formulation. I use SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF which are formulated to penetrate to the dermis, so this always goes before anything with a larger molecule, these antioxidant serums also stay active for 24 hours which is why you only use 1x/daily. You don’t want anything blocking their penetration otherwise you will be wasting it!

  1. Rapamycin or use just in the evening

  2. Moisturizer & Eye Cream

  3. SPF ~ Only if you are outside or driving. Reapply every few hours if exposed to the elements. If you’re inside all day… let your skin breathe. SPF is blanket to protect the skin not nourishing the skin so I would recommend layering with an appropriate moisturizer for restoring & locking in hydration, and for treating your specific skin condition considering age and hormones, keeping cells energized and stimulated.

1.Cleanse/Tone ~ Massage for lymphatic drainage ~ release the day!

  1. Rapamycin or Tretinoin : You could alternate nights with them just or just one or the other. Pay attention to how your skin is feeling and looking … if your are feeling sensitive or reactive just use the Rapamycin and take a break from tretinoin or only use rapamycin during the day and tretinoin at night.

3.Follow with Night Cream and Eye Cream for restoring hydration but let tretinoin or rapamycin absorb first.
I suggest clients do this right when they get home to allow the tretinoin or retinol absorb and then right before bed apply night cream and eye cream.

Hope this helps! Look forward to hearing about your results!

Hi- This is Shriya from the Healthspan Clinical Team! I wanted to share some information about skin changes and side effects that are observed with topical rapamycin use!

The most notable improvement seen for topical rapamycin users is a decrease in the prominence of veins and tendons, particularly in the hands, an improvement in fine wrinkling, and an increase in collagen VII. There are also consistent improvements in dyspigmentation and dull appearance associated with photoaged skin. For many patients, these changes are evident approximately four months following the start of treatment.

The most common, reported, negative side effect for first-time topical rapamycin users is dry skin. This is normally mild and lasts less than a week. For patients who experience discomfort, we recommend applying a dermal hydration cream at night before bed.
If you experience any unexpected symptoms or side effects, we encourage you to promptly contact a Healthspan physician for guidance and evaluation.

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Is there any possibility that a body lotion form of Rapamycin will be available soon ?

I have 2 questions:
1 - If I order a three month supply, is that all sent in one container or do I get a new container each month?
2 - What are the base ingredients in the formulation? Feels like it’s some kind of silicone, but I’m not sure.