Rapamycin cream and surgery scars

Would it be advisable to apply topical rapamycin to scars after surgery? I would of course wait till the incision healed but has there been any research on the use of the cream and healing scars. I am having reconstruction surgery on my nose from basal cell cancer and was curious on the subject. I am taking a month vacation on the oral use of rapamycin until am completely healed. Any thoughts?

Hi- This is Shriya from the Healthspan Clinical Team! Research published in the Journal of Dermatology Sciences has shown that topical administration of a 0.2% rapamycin gel effectively reduced scarring when tested in animal models. These animal models received topical rapamycin dosage after their injuries. From a mechanism perspective, Rapamycin inhibits the protein complex mTOR which has been associated with wound healing and scar formation. There is still much research to be done to understand the use of rapamycin for wound healing in adults.

While current research shows some promise, each patient is different and we recommend speaking with your Healthspan physician about your specific situation!