Rapamycin stomach side effects?

Hi folks!

I just started on the rapamycin protocol and have noticed intestinal/digestive upset about 8 hours after taking it - gas, loose stools, bloating, and general stomach talking. Has anyone experienced this?



Leslie, quick question for you. Are you taking metformin as well as rapamycin? (If you want to message us within the patient messaging tool as well, we can have our doctors review privately. I just wanted to be cognizant of your privacy).

Thanks. Nope - only on the rapamycin.

Hi Daniel,

I don’t know if you had a chance to ask the medical team about side effects but my body seems to have gotten used to the Rapamycin and I’m not having digestive issues anymore!



Hi Leslie,

I am glad you are feeling better. Stomach issues aren’t a common side effect we see. Why don’t we send out for a panel to check your markers? It would give your doctors a better idea of how you are responding to the treatment.

Sounds good. What does this entail?