Rapamycin + Metformin with Peptides?

Just wondering if there were any anecdotal reports of recommended peptides to add or avoid during a protocol using Rapamycin and/or Metformin… may the best answers get extra smiley faces!

Hi, this is Shriya from the Clinical Team. As of now, we do not recommend any specific peptides, and there is not much research on interactions between peptides and rapamycin. If you have specific questions about your specific protocols and peptides you are interested in taking, I recommend messaging in our patient portal so that our clinical team can review your specific case.

I’m already experimenting with CJC-1295, BPC-157, and NAD+. I tried combining the NAD+ with anything else but it’s so unstable, it’s not a good idea. Im working heavily with -BPC-157 combined with Adipotide (FTPP) 10mg, but the best results after heavy workouts has been the first 2 mentioned with occasional NAD+.

The rest of the list I would love comment on, which I’m experimenting with, are as follows:

Tesamorelin 5mg
Semaglutide (GLP-1 Analogue)
Epithalon (Epitalon) 50mg
Sermorelin, GHRP-6, GHRP-2 9mg