Applying rapamycin cream only to certain areas of face

If you apply rapamycin to a small area of the face eg half a cheek - will that patch only respond to the rapamycin? Or would the rapamycin absorb into the skin and affect the whole face? Thanks

Topical agents typically do not traverse across the skin that I know of unlike infections. We use topical agents like steroids, anti-fungal, etc. and it’s always has been localized to the application area.

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Hi Alex! This is Shriya from the Healthspan Clinical Team. As a topical agent, our rapamycin cream is not absorbed into the bloodstream in a discernible way based on testing rapamycin concentration levels. Therefore topical rapamycin has a more localized effect. To see the full effects of topical 0.2% rapamycin we recommend using enough cream to cover the entire face/neck, or other areas that have been subjected to sun damage. If you are looking to get a broader effect of rapamycin, I recommend looking into our oral rapamycin protocols. Please reach out to our healthcare team if you have any additional questions!

That’s very useful - thank you!