Healthspan Founder on the Wise Athletes Podcast Discussing Rapamycin for Longevity

We had a great discussion with Joe Lavelle from the Wise Athletes podcast. We covered a lot, and hopefully was informative for folks looking to understand the mechanisms of rapamycin and understanding how we can manipulate metabolic pathways to promote healthspan.

Here are some links to check it out:


Here’s an outline of our conversation:

  • Daniel’s backstory. Why start Healthspan?
  • Regular medical doctors scoff at the idea of taking these pharmaceuticals for longevity
  • Create telemedicine practice to provide off-label use of proven pharmaceuticals known to have healthspan benefits along with high touch care to patients to make sure the drugs are being used safely. Blood tests regularly to monitor impact.
  • The focus of Healthspan is reducing the chronic inflammation from cellular senescence by recovering immune system functionality
  • Cell growth is good to provide repair and muscle growth. But we need pulses of autophagy to rebuild the immune system. Rapamycin taken once a week provides the pulse.
  • It’s been very safe for the roughly 1,000 clients of Healthspan.
  • Benefits of rapamycin: delay functional declines (prophylactically) and recover functional declines related to aging.
  • Hypergrowth. A failure to get enough autophagy leads to accelerated aging which leads to improper repair and maintaining of body systems. Leads to compounding errors that show up as inflammation which then leads to addition damage. Exercise is good for this. Fasting is good for this. Rapamycin is good for this. Use all the levers.
  • going to be adding CGM to the offerings soon
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