Deprenyl is also a healthspan enhancer that affects the hippocampus and in rats and dogs increases lifespan. I am a longtime user of both rapamycin and deprenyl and at 89 am pretty healthy. I would like to share this on this forum. G Best MD

I am a 89 year old physician and have been on rapamycin for 6 yrs. (6 mg once a week) and deprenyl for a decade. I think it is important for this forum to be aware of the life extension and healthspan benefits of deprenyl. Joseph Knoll extensive work with deprenyl showed up to a 40% increase in lifespan of wistar rats decades ago- in addition ordinary rats became super rats when on deprenyl. The point is that with my
Low dose deprenyl (.1 to .25 mg daily after the age of sexual maturity) your brain is kept in a state of optimal readiness to function. This is only part of the depreynyl benefits. Looking forward to comments. GBest


Glad to hear you are aging youthfully:)
what does Deprenyl do you take?

.25mg/kg is one of the versions.

Do you know of any scientists or reproductive specialists who experiment with the female reproductive system?
I just recently learned about Deprenyl from Dr Greg Fahy’s paper.
Very excited to see it work along with other biohacking treatments I’m trying.

Thanks for recommending the read!!

I have found it by restoring dopamine and other neurotransmitter levels using low-dose deprenyl, aging humans may regain some of their youthful sense of well-being. Deprenyl has demonstrated intriguing anti- aging properties. How do you get yours at a low-dose? Life Extension ( has copycats but no Deprenyl.