COVID and Rapamycin

I recently came down with COVID 19 and notice that my symptoms are worse than with a prior episode. I am fully immunized (including the most recent Spike-Vax) and have had one prior episode of COVID which was comparatively mild. I understand that there is a new variant (K-12) and this may partly explain this. I started Rapamycin March and received my last COVID vaccine in November, 2023. I am otherwise healthy and do not need medical attention but wonder if other people have had similar experiences.
Chris Van Hemelrijck

I hadn’t been sick of any kind since before Covid. After my second dose of rapa (5mg 1x/week) I came down with a very bad case of Covid. Less than a month after recovering from that, I had the flu. Fully vaccinated for both Covid and the flu. While it may be a pure coincidence, my feeling is that rapa weakened my immune system, so I stopped taking it. No sickness since - 4 months.

That’s interesting…I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences. I have noted more canker sores (which I expected) which is another indicator of immune weakening. This may be a consequence of Rapamycin’s anti-inflammatory effect but it suggests an effect on T cell function which can be a “double edged sword”. Are there any folks experiencing other non-respiratory infections with Rapamycin?

The first 2 weeks of Rapa 5 mg weekly, I experience very mild acne of face and neck which resolved by week 3. No other potential side effects for me so far. I am 5 weeks in to the start of the medication.