Positive benefits of rapamycin treatment

In terms of the positive benefits that our patients regularly tell us about, joint inflammation is the number one thing patients notice. The other benefit is autoimmune issues like psoriasis clearing up. Rapamycin is an excellent therapeutic that targets any cellular dysfunction of excess. In the autoimmune category, excessive creation of inflammatory molecules which cause serious autoimmune issues.


I have notnoticed the infamation in my knee getting better

I have seen knee pain diminish in the 5 weeks I’ve taken rapa. I have also been doing rehab and using red/IR light at the same time, so I cannot pinpoint an exact cause and effect.

I’ve been struggling with Psoriasis for 20 years and swollen joints for a year and a half. After only 4 weeks, both have resolved. Why do few doctors know about this? I talked with three doctors in the last two months and none had even heard of Rapamycin. I had two doctors tell me that they couldn’t prescribe any medication for my joints because I didn’t have any joint damage, but once damage occurred, then they could prescribe something!